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Recovery Rock Entertainment to Raise Awareness through Music to Fight & Prevent Addiction


Recovery Music Performances and EntertainmentThese live recovery performances were created to connect with those in recovery on a more personal level, in a more engaging and entertaining way. One of the difficulties, especially with those in the early stages of rehabilitation, is connecting with them on a level they will respond to. Not only is this kind of entertainment fun, it breaks down barriers while providing impactful insight and hope. This project was created by Matt Soren with the assistance of licensed professionals and from his 20 years of personal experience, to help those struggling make the difficult transition to recovery and return to sanity.

Through live, customizable performances that blend upbeat recovery rock, personal experiences and guiding principles, Soren is now putting that message into the hands and hearts of other who are trying to conquer the same demons. In so doing, he is also helping release addicts from their addictive restraints early on and promote healing for those affected by them. You can read testimonials here.

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In order to raise funds for groups, a portion of all net proceeds from ticket, CD and merchandise sales will go directly to support various organizations that are waging war against addiction and abuse. Contact us to learn how your venue, treatment center, rehab facility, halfway house, school or other awareness-raising outlet can benefit from his transformational message.

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"Recovery Rock Entertainment To Promote Healing from Addiction and Recovery from Abuse"

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